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Song of Rising is a passionate and creative Pixel-style metaverse project. It is an exciting DeFi building block with a game-like and user-friendly interface,freeing you from tedious and challenging DeFi operations , Even if you've never used a DEFI product before.Here there is an exciting hero NFT system including pet, land, pvp and other funny experiences, as well as Play 2 Earn.We will also invite top-notch DAPPs into our metaverse, and through our interesting AI NPC, you can easily use them.More features such as derivatives, Ve(3,3), lottery etc will open soon .

Story Background

After the catastrophe of Ragnarok, human beings entered a long and severe winter, the land was covered with snow and snow, hungry beasts wandered around in search of food, and human beings continued to scramble and conflict. The world became turbulent, and brave heroes needed to lead Kind people open up land, farm and breed, build homes, rise up and maintain world order.

Our vision

Defi is the cornerstone application for value capture in the current market. We hope to establish a continuous and stable Defi protocol through the combination of gamefi and make this project the greatest success.

Important note: Song of Rising is currently under development, so contents of the knowledge base could be subject to change in the future.

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