Hero Ranks

Summoning with Heroes that have the appropriate genes can result in genetic mutation that results in a higher ranked Hero being Summoned from the Portal. The chart above displays the genetic combinations needed to Summon each possible Hero class.

Heroes of higher rank have better starting stats and stat growth parameters than those of ranks below them. However, a side effect of their advanced abilities is that they require more Soul Shard to perform a Summon than Heroes of lower ranks. In addition, higher-ranked Heroes are more difficult for the Portal to have a chance to locate, so higher-ranked Heroes have lower maximum summons than lower-ranked ones. The chart above displays the Soul Shard requirements for higher-ranked and the maximum number of Summons that higher-ranked classes can receive on Summoning.

Basic - Warrior, Knight,Archer,Elf Mage,Tamer,Barbarina,Wizard,Priest

Advanced - Paladin, SilverRanger, Druid, Archmage

Elite -Moon Knight, Philosopher

Exalted - Overmind

Hero Rarity

The chart above illustrates the likelihood that pairing Heroes of given rarities will result in a Summoned Hero of a given rarity.

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