Ruby acts as the main token of value in a metaverse game, giving it utility above and beyond that of a regular coin. It can be used to purchase Hero NFTs, which can themselves be used to earn R uby and other rewards. Ruby can also be combined with existing Heroes and other items to mint new Heroes, and be swapped through the DEX for other tokens and in-game items. This is all in addition to fee sharing opportunities, liquidity pooling, and governance rights.

Token Distribution

Total:1 billion

Specific allocation:

Transactions & Rewards

Unless otherwise specified throughout these documents, the 0.3% RUBY fees, as applicable, from every in-game transaction are apportioned to the applicable wallets for each realm as follows:

  • 1% - Burned

  • 10% - Sent to the RUBY to reward xRUBY holders

  • 30% - Sent to the Quest Rewards Fund

  • 25% - Sent to the Development Fund, to pay for future game development and bounties

  • 17% - Sent to the Marketing Fund, to pay for advertising, airdrops, etc

  • 17% - Sent to the Founders Fund, to pay milestone bonuses to the dev team

RUBY are the lifeblood of our project and have features that provide players the opportunity to earn while playing rather than buying games and subscriptions with no potential to recoup costs spent. In Song of Rising, good gameplay decisions and a little luck have the potential to reward players with actual crypto tokens while they play a game they enjoy.

LP Incentive Release Rules

LP Incentive Release Rules

According to the average speed of a block of 3.8 seconds on OKC, it is estimated that 159,158 blocks will be produced in a week, and 159,158 blocks will be used as an Epoch to distinguish the output speed and unlocking ratio of Ruby rewards. The earlier the Epoch generates the number of Ruby The more, the lower the proportion of immediate unlocking. The locked part will be unlocked from the 51st Epoch, and will be fully unlocked within 1 year. The specific values ​​are as follows, and the values ​​remain unchanged from the 36th Epoch.

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