Aside from Summoning, the primary focus of Heroes is to go on quests and collect useful items and experience. Quests can be divided into two categories: Profession Quests and Training Quests. Profession quests are non-combat oriented quests to learn and excel at different useful skills to the Song of Rising. Adventure Quests involve going to a remote location with a team of heroes to fight evil, and the spoils of those battles are yours for the taking. Adventure quests will not be available until later phases.

Four different professions will be available to Heroes: Farming, Mining (both Gold Mining and RUBY mining), Fishing, and Foraging. Each profession has a profession skill associated with it which has a chance to increase each time a Hero does an associated profession quest. As those skills increase, so too will the Hero’s ability to earn rewards from that profession. In addition, each of these professions has a gene associated with it. Heroes receive additional benefits when doing profession quests that match their profession gene, including an increased chance for rewards and a reduction in the quest's Stamina cost.

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