Gold Mining

Gold Mining Quests can be performed by groups of between 1 and 6 Heroes at a time. Heroes can be queued to begin questing as soon as the Stamina of the currently questing Heroes is expended; however, all Heroes in the group will stop mining as soon as any one Hero's Stamina reaches zero. Once a group of any size enters the mine, additional miners cannot be added to the group. Additional Heroes will be queued and will not commence their quest until one Hero in the previous group reaches 0 Stamina, causing the entire group to stop mining, or until the player ends the mining quest early.

The amount of gold generated by a miner is based on each Hero's STR and END scores, mining score and on whether the Hero has mining as their main profession. Each Hero calculates rewards separately, even when questing as a group.

Heroes with mining as their main profession expend 1 Stamina every 10 minutes, and all other Heroes expend 1 Stamina per 12 minutes. However, if a group of Miners contains Heroes that do not have mining as their main profession, all Heroes in that group will expend at the 1 Stamina per 12 minutes rate. It is important to strategically group miners to achieve maximum rewards.

Mining quests also have a chance to reward Heroes with Soul Shard, Naudiz, and Golden Pet Egg. Item drop rates are increased by varying combinations of STR, END, the mining stat, and the mining gene.

Level 0 base item drop rates:

Naudiz, - 0.3% per 5 Stamina expended, boosted to 1.5% with mining main skill

Soul Shard - 7% per 5 Stamina expended, boosted to 10.75% with mining main skill

Golden Egg - 0.02% (per 10 Stamina spent)

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