Gardening Quests can be performed by one Hero at a time in each of the incentivized pools listed in the Seed Box in the Farms. The quest is begun in the Professions area by speaking to the Gardener, Druid Lam. Heroes may Garden in any of the available Farms., but the RUBY yield increases with the number of seeds planted by that player in that particular garden. However, there is a minimum RUBY yield from all gardens, a potential jackpot available for every 15 Stamina spent, and chance for Heroes to be rewarded with plants, Soul Shard, Naudiz, and Violet pet egg whether the player has seeds in the garden or not. All plants may be sold in the Marketplace for gold or swapped for RUBY. Some plants are ingredients in potions, which can be crafted with Alchemist Herbert. All plants may have uses that are unknown as yet.

The Level 0 Gardening quest is being launched with a special multiplier to increase its rewards yield for a limited time. This multiplier will decrease over a period of 16 weeks until the quest settles at the intended yield formula. Gardening yields rely heavily on both the player's share of the liquidity pools that their Heroes will work in and on the overall balance of the Quest Rewards wallet, so there will be both a large variance in yields between players and pools and a variance in yields over time as the Quest Rewards pool grows or shrinks.

Level 0 rewards formula:

earnRate (per tick) = launchBonus*(rewardPool*poolAllocation*LPowned*(0.1+ (WIS+VIT)/1222.22+(GrdSkl)/244.44))/(43,200-(7200*geneBonus)) **

rewardPool - This is the balance of the quest pool wallet.

poolAllocation - This is the percent of allocation a specific garden has (the allocation for RUBY distribution).

LPowned - The percent of the liquidity pool that the player owns in the selected Garden.

GrdSkl - A hero's Gardening skill (only counts integer value (1.9 GrdSkl will have same result as 1.0 GrdSkl).

geneBonus - Provides a 20% bonus to RUBY returns, increases the chances of finding tears and runes, and decreases the amount of time per tick from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. These bonuses are only present if the hero has the gardening gene. If they have the gene, geneBonus = 1, if not, geneBonus = 0.

launchBonus - A special multiplier applied at launch that will start at 5 at launch, and decrease by 0.5 every two weeks until the value is 1.

**The minimum RUBY earned per Stamina spent is .0002 RUBY.

Additionally, for every 15 Stamina spent, there is a 9.9% chance to receive .1 bonus RUBY and a .1% chance to receive 1 bonus RUBY. This bonus is halved if the Hero does not have gardening as their main skill and the bonus is calculated in one roll, so a Hero cannot receive both bonuses.

Level 0 item drop rates:

NameBase Drop Rate

6% (per 5 Stamina spent)

4% (per 5 Stamina spent)

9%(per 5 Stamina spent)

0.2%(per 10 Stamina spent)

Item drop rates are increased by varying combinations WIS, VIT, and, the gardening stat, and the gardening gene.

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