Fishing quests can yield fish, Soul Shard, Naudiz, Aqua Pet Egg, experience toward a Hero's next level, and fishing skill increases. All fish may be sold in the Marketplace for gold or swapped for RUBY. Some fish are ingredients in potions, which can be crafted with Alchemist Herbert. All fish may have uses that are unknown as yet.

Fishing quests cost 7 Stamina per attempt, reduced to 5 Stamina for Heroes with fishing as their main profession. Groups of up to 6 Heroes can be sent to fish at once and the number of attempts that each Hero will make is chosen in the quest window. Every member in the group is limited to the highest number of quest attempts that any given member can attempt, so it is most efficient to group Heroes wisely.

After selecting the participating Heroes and choosing the number of quest attempts, the quest window will display the required time for the party to complete all of its fishing runs. Additional groups of Heroes may be queued and commence their quests as soon as the prior party has finished.

Heroes receive bonuses to the base drop rates of fishing items based on their AGI, LCK, and fishing scores as well as whether fishing is their main skill.

Level 0 item drop rates:

NameBase Drop Rate











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